Life jacket

Always wear a life jacket when you’re out on the lake. If you fall into cold water, there is a chance you’ll stop breathing or the cold water may cause you to hyperventilate. It is important that the life jacket is buttoned up regardless of weather, wind and water depth. The vest should fit comfortably so you can paddle without any hindrance. It might be a good idea to test a life jacket in the water before you head out so that you know how it works.

Right of Public Access

The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) means you are free to go almost anywhere in our Swedish waters. You may go ashore, bathe and sleep as long as you do not destroy or disturb anything. You have total freedom, but it requires responsibility, consideration and good judgement. Do not go ashore or camp near nesting birds or bird sanctuaries. It can also be limited in wildlife preserves or in areas with restricted beach access. If there are houses nearby, always ask before putting up the tent. Do not forget to bring your trash with you; do not leave anything out in the nature.


It can be vital to know how to act if you end up in cold water or when you’re saving someone. The human body quickly cools down while in cold water, which means it rapidly loses body heat. A normally dressed person only has a 50% chance of surviving for 1 hour in 5 °C water!

Navigation / Communication

Always carry a map and compass. A GPS is a good option, but you should always have a compass as backup. A cell phone in a waterproof mobile case helps if you need to notify others of delays or other difficulties. However, the signal is limited in much of our area. If you can’t get a signal, get up on higher terrain and try again.


  • Always travel with your own capabilities in mind.
  • Paddle in groups and learn how to rescue one another.
  • Always wear a life jacket.
  • Never drink alcohol during paddling
  • Listen to the weather forecast.
  • Do not think "it won’t happen to me"- instead, think "what do I do if it happens to me?"
  • Keep your phone in a waterproof case.
  • Respect The Right of Public Access’ motto: Do not disturb or destroy anything when you are out in the wild!