Dalsland-Nordmarken, the DANO area is Europe's best canoeing destination! Clean air, clean water and abundant wildlife, numerous narrow lakes with steep mountains on either side and several lake systems connected by locks or short marked stretches of land provide endless opportunities for tours tailored to your needs regarding time and energy. There are lots of campsites with shelter, fireplaces, wood and toilets, as well as room for several tents. This makes the destination especially suitable for canoeing.

Paddle between the lakes, islands and capes at Dalslands Kanal lakes located in northern Dalsland and western Värmland in Sweden and Østfold in Norway. The odds that you'll be able to see grazing elk by the edge of the lake, to be surprised by the beaver splashing its tail when you paddle too close to it or to hear the echo of the black-throated divers’ mournful cry during sunset are good.

The Nature Conservation Card

The Nature Conservation Card gives you access to the services offered at about 100 camp sites in the area. It costs 40 SEK per person, per day when you rent a canoe from a SCOA member. On the campsites there are dry toilets, shelter, fire and wood - some variations may occur. The money goes to landowners, maintenance and supervision. The area also has wardens, whose main role is to be responsible for the servicing and maintenance out on the camp sites. An overnight stay at a campsite is not the same as an overnight stay at a camping. You're out in the wilderness and have to live on nature's terms. Camp sites cannot be reserved!


The lakes in the area offer a variety of fishing, including mainly pike and perch, but with also the chance to get salmon, trout and char. Fishing licenses can be purchased at the canoe centers.